Thank you Teachers!


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Just extending a wonderful and heartfelt to all you (good) drum teachers out there. Every week, when I'm driving over to my lesson, I'm always worried about not having practiced enough, not mastering what I learned the week before and generally just making a fool of myself. And every week, on my drive back home, I'm entusiastic again, having learned a few new tricks and tips, have a mix of old and new stuff to work on and always, always realize that I'm not as bad as I feared.

So thank you drum teachers everywhere. You do more than teach the unwashed masses how to play the drums; You motivate us to do better, be more and grow from simply playing the drums to being, thinking and performing as a drummer should.

Monica McCoy

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I've spent more on lessons than I have on gear. Every Saturday morning for the past few years I've taken the 20 mile drive to see my teacher. Some Fridays I don't even go out because it's more important to have my lessons polished than be drunk.

I've gotten my moneys worth and made a good friend in the process. He keeps me motivated and challenged. I'm rather amazed that two years ago I couldn't keep time or find 1. Today I can play a dozen different styles and my technique is solid. I'm not great by any means but I'm better than everyone that sucks. :)

I'm in LA and this is my instructor if anyone is interested:

wy yung

I'm sure grateful to all my teachers, both past and present. I'm also grateful to my students because they too teach me much.

Monica, as a teacher it is very heartening to see that you put so much effort into taking lessons. Were every student like you we teachers would have an easier life.


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Thank you Moldy for recognizing us teachers. And thank you to all of my teachers - those that I have studied with extensively and those who I took only one lesson with. It all counts.

I've spent more on lessons than I have on gear.
That's the way I have always been - lessons, books, videos, etc...



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Well, thanks! Or, in Elvis-speak, thankyavurymuch... If anyone's in eastern North Carolina, I teach at Redphish music in Wilson. :)