Terry Chambers

criz p. critter

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Ohmigod, how could Terry Chambers of XTC not have his own thread yet? The guy had such an original style and a simply massive, ambient drum sound (courtesy of producer Steve Lilywhite). Anyone remember him?


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Terry Chambers was one of the reasons I took up drumming. His playing, along with the engineering work of Steve Lillywhite & Hugh Padgham were the opitome of THE drum sound I love. Everyone recalls the moment Hugh Padgham "discovered" the gated reverb sound for Peter Gabriel & Phil Collins, but it was through his work with XTC that he perfected the drum sound. And, it was because of XTC that Hugh eventually got to produce The Police. I play in an XTC tribute band in the UK called Fossil Fools (we're on Facebook if you ever want to check us out)... so most of my playing is in honour of Terry Chambers :) And sorry for the late reply on this... I haven't been on the forum in some time!