Terry Bozzio, The Black Page and me.


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Hi guys,

I did a cover version of Zappa's Black Page and sent it to Drum Channel. Now, Terry Bozzio saw that video and did one where he talks about my version and give me some feedback as to how I could play it better. Thats pretty cool. Here's the link to Terry's video:


You have to be a member at drumchannel.com to be able to see the video unfortunately. I encourage you to be one, there's a lot of cool stuff on there.

This is my original Black Page video:


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Amazingly enough I have a yearly subscription to Drum Channel and I love what they do. It started off being very DW-centric players which is understandable cause it is run by Don from DW. But lately they've been getting all types of players on it which is great.

Good work with The Black Page, it is always so humbling hearing a true great talk about your playing and giving you positive feedback and constructive criticism. Terry's video was great to watch.