Tension Rods Coming Loose

Rochelle Rochelle

Senior Member
So on the used Renown kit I just got, I'm having an issue with the tom tension rods coming loose. I like the sound of these toms tuned pretty low. For the 10" it's just above finger tight and after just an hour of playing, mostly the 10" tom will have one or two rods that are loose. All the rods were greased beyond belief and I cleaned off the ones from the 10" and tested it and it is still coming loose. The 12" and the 14" are doing it too but not as quickly. I saw people mention the Tight Screw rods and was wondering if that might solve my problem.

Ghostin one

Senior Member
I haven't tried the Tight Screw tension rods, but they appear to use a strip of "Loctite threadlocker blue" or something similar, which is something you can get at any hardware store, and would probably work great.

The red loctite is relatively permanent, so I'd avoid it.