Tennis elbows


Despite the fact I don't play the game both my arms are suffering from the rotten thing. Very hard to enjoy drumming as it really aches after a short while, wondering if there's any suggestions out there for dealing with said complaint? Lotsa stuff on YouTube but would like to hear suggestions from here as well. Thanks all.....


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I got that from work and it took wearing a brace, acupuncture and a whole lot of time taking it easy before it finally went away.



You may be involved in other activities that can cause tennis elbow. I've had it before, and used a brace I got at the drugstore and a lot of rest (read stop the activity you think is causing it). If it's your grip on the sticks, you may want to find a teacher that can fix your grip problems and teach you to play tension free. Good Luck on this.


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I play tennis, but it was not the cause of a bout with tennis elbow some years ago. It was due to emergency DIY plumbing. It took a month of rest, rehabilitation, and strengthening to recover. BTW, the wrist has a lot to do with it. Have you been stressing it lately?


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I, myself have just gotten over a bought of tennis elbow from holding my 4 month old son wrong. The way I was holding him, and twisting my wrist was actually stretching and irritating my tendons in my elbow. Lots of stretching, ibuprofen, and a little bit of weight training actually made mine go away...but whoda thunk that just by doing my fatherly duties, would have irritated it so badly? Stranger things have happened, I guess....good luck!


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I had a "tennis elbow" that would never go away. Turns out i had what is called loose bodies (bits of cartlidge floating around) in the joint. I had to have elbow surgery to flush them all out. That was 25 years ago. Haven't had a problem since.

Hope yours is not as severe.


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I've also am dealing with this. Mine stems from overuse, and not stretching or warming up. What's been working for me is rest, ice, anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen), massage and stretching. I try to ice it for about 20-30 minutes each day, and either use my hand to massage it or some massaging thing for another 20-30 mins, and then just keep up on your ibuprofen.

It takes time, so be patient, but I've found that it's been helping a lot. Good luck to you!


Read all the replies, lots of good advice there. Am trying everything from ice/heat, massage, rest, stretching, creams, throwing maidens into volcanoes......will keep posted.