Tendonitis / wrist pain urgent help needed!

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I've started with tendonitis wrist pains this week (i've had it once before -at the start of this year) I know that in an ideal world I should stop playing drums for a few weeks to let the pain go away. But I've managed to secure an audition at a really great music college - which is in 3 weeks, so I simply can't stop playing.

Does anybody have any short term solutions, which could help reduce the pain and keep it at a minimum while I am still playing up to the audition?

Also, what should I do when I've gone past the audition, to help get rid of the tendonitis

Any help would b e greatly appreciated! Thanks


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Hope you don't mind me jumping on the back of this but I'd also be interested to see what others say as I never suffered at all (playing for many years) until I went for a lesson with a new teacher who changed my grip about 6 / 8 weeks ago and now get it quite badly in my right hand.
It's also know as "Carpal Tunnel" so you might want to goole that and see if it brings up any useful results.


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Well the first thing you should do is see a qualified Dr. about it and get professionally trained advice on how to deal with it. Every injury is different and what you may think is tendonitis may not be. What exercises worked for one persons injury may make yours worse. No one here is qualified to give you medical advice or should try without being able to examine you to diagnose the condition. You really need to see a Dr. If playing is that important then making sure you get it treated correctly should be tops on your list.


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It's also know as "Carpal Tunnel" so you might want to goole that and see if it brings up any useful results.
CTS and tendonitis are two seperate conditions, so it may be either, or neither, in this case. See a doctor and a higly reputable teacher, in that order. Don't continue to play.


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I've had similar problems in my right forearm before. Mainly because I use my right hand for many things such as drumming, using a mouse.
Definitely get it checked out by your GP, get him to refer you to a specialist. And then find a great teacher that you can go to, primarily for advice on grip.


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There are many, many threads here on the topic, try searching. I had the same problem and did a form of physical therapy called "ASTYM". It gives you instant relief and *encourages* you to continue being as active as possible.

You'll find a wealth of info on the subject here if you do some searching.


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Everyone and every pain can be different. A drumming forum is not the place for advice here but a Doctor visit. Advice is free and that's what it's worth. We aren't talking sticks or heads here but your future. Go find a Doctor.