Tell Your Craigslist / Ebay stories!


Just thought it would be interesting to share stories from craigslist or ebay ( i'm assuming craigslist stories will be a bit more interesting because of the real interactions [or lack of] but either is fine as long as it's worth telling? )

frustrating sellers to amazing deals with anything in between,
Tell your stories!


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I love craigslist... Kind of have a hard time with ebay.

My best CL music deal was getting a Roland TD-4 with 2 extra pads, DW5000 pedal, Roland PM-10 amp and Bose headphones for $500. Bought it from a cool old guy out in the country who decided he would rather play guitar (he bought all of this stuff new the year before).


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Big ups for craigslist. Picked up a barely used 1 yr old Ludwig CM 16x26 bass drum for $300. Thing retails for about a grand + the wait for it to arrive. The catch was the dude lived 400 miles away. We agreed to meet halfway, class act. He'd been trying to sell it for a month.


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I picked up a new, still in box Ludwig 5x14 Classic maple snare in a light blue pearl finish for 200 bucks shipped on Ebay a few years back.

Received the drum overnight(from TN to N MS) and it had sticks as well as brushes, still in packages. The guy I bought it from had never opened it when he bought the kit new back in 05 or 06 as he used his vintage Supra. So, I got a pretty good deal.


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A few years back I got a 1947 Slingerland Super Gene Krupa Radio King in WMP 7x14 on a site called Drummers Web,which is still up, but the prices have changed somewhat.I paid 200 for it and it is in collectable condition and sounds amazing.

Steve B


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I sold $220 hi hats to a guy on Craigslist buying them for his wife who just got a drum set...

Maybe I'm the crazy one, but I had those crappy Pearl cymbals that came with my set for almost two years.

Bo Eder

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I found both of my favorite kits ever on eBay; Three years ago I found a solid black Vistalite three-piece (22, 13, 16) for $550 and the guy was local! And of course, this is how I found my prized Tama Starclassic Bubinga Elites (custom finish) as well.

I sell and buy alot of photographic gear as well on the 'bay, it's like I have a second life or something.... ;)

Zeus Mutation

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Craigslist has been very, very good to me... look at my profile, album pix, no time to resize for this sorry... all of it for a cool $1000. All I needed was new heads, bass drum hoop and front head, what an amazing deal!!


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I love craigslist

Mapex Saturn mango burst(basically new, great condition) 6 piece 14 10 12 14 16
Zildjian a custom 16in crash
Zildjian a custom fast 18in crash
Zildjian k custom 20in ride
Zildjian a custom 14in mastersound hats
3 mapex boom stands
Mapex hi hat, bass drum pedal, and snare stand

All for............$1600! :)


while i do love craigslist and i check it 4-5 times a day because it's just fun to see what new musical instruments are out and to see if there's anything i want, i think random, personal gifts/trades are the best. i play for my friend's church's band whenever they do events outside of their church. and we did a 2-day revival/event on friday and saturday. then i played for his sunday service this morning and noticed his kick pedal had a second batter but it wasn't connected to the other pedal. i asked him if it was in fact a double pedal and he said it was. i'm really close with this friend, i've played with him and his team for a while and my loyalty definitely goes out to them even though i'm pretty busy with other stuff so i asked if i could give them my single pedal (pearl stock pedal from like 7 years ago) for their double. he said fine! he really is like a brother to me (and i'm not just saying that because of this lol) but even for that type of relationship... people don't just give expensive pedals out like that but he really appreciates my help so he just pretty much gave me a dw 7000 in GREAT condition. the left pedal is barely even touched. i'm so happy lol. my first double pedal. and i bought a new bass batter head a few days ago for the event but i ended up using the kick that was already there so i have a brand new, fresh emad2 to go along with my new dw7000 :) good day



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76 Supra 5x14 ... 100.00 extremely nice.
83 Rogers Maple Superten 6.5x14, .... 200.00 glorious.

Theres been a few others. Craigslist can be nice.


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24 case for one of my kicks for $20. 2 new 24 Remo batters and 2 new 24 resonants for $20. All thanks to craigslist. I also had the opportunity to buy a severly used Pearl Forum with Pearl symbols (of course) for the low low price of $900. I felt I was not worthy though.


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I am absolutely not going to share one of my buying selling story. In fact right now i want to open up a discussion regarding frauds. There are lots of people who have already suffered. They are either the buyers or the sellers. I have got some stories where buyer/seller is going to deliver/get his product and the next party just deceive them. Is it real? Anybody knows about it?


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CL has been good to me.....Picked up a Risen kit for $600 with hardcases

About a year later, picked up a DW Collectors kit with hardware, Iron Cobra pedals, Zildjian A hats, ride, crash and splash and soft cases for a cool $700

....needless to say, I love CL


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Love DEALS on used old stuff.
clist - 1979 Ludwig Supra 5 x 14, $30.
ebay - 1960's pre serial# Paiste 602 ride , $56 (looked like crap but a little Brasso and was sparkling)


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I found a guy selling an 18" Zildjian A Custom China along with a 21" A Custom Sweet Ride. He wanted something like $75 for each or both for $125. I couldn't get over there fast enough. I bought them, cleaned them up and nearly tripled my money on Ebay.
Another time I was walking through a pawn shop and found a dirty used Sonor Centennial snare drum. The badge read 1875-1975. I was really dirty but not beat up. I talked them down to $75, took it home and gave it a thorough cleaning and sold it to a guy on Ebay who had a matching kit for $400.


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I got a 1979 Ludwig LM402 for 200 bucks and a tank of gas. I drove three hours to get it, then three hours back. It was a lovely trip.

I got a black-badge DW kit with a funky Ludwig snare and a PDP rack for 900 bucks, which I sold a couple years later (just the DW kick and toms) for 1200.

I got two Paiste Dark Energy rides for less than that cost of a single new one.

Got a whole set of vintage Zildjians for 400 bucks, including a 22" ride from the 40s.


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Too many to tell all of them. I DID get my treasured 1970 Ludwig Downbeat from craigslist. I bought it for $800, but after I sold off the cymbals, snare, and hardware, it ended up costing me just under $300. Best investment I ever made, even better than the Supraphonic I bought for $25, the Tama Starclassic 5-piece outfitted with 7 Ks for $550, and the 60s Ludwig Super Classic (complete with hardware, cases, cymbals) for $400.

I used to really be into the flipping game, but times have changed, at least with Portland's craigslist. Now, the deals are fewer and farther between, and buyers are willing to pay much less than they were 3 years ago. I only look on there now to try and catch the occasional unique item, and have all but stopped listing things for sale.

As for eBay, I bought a Line 6 Vetta amp in "perfect condition" years ago, only to have it show up with a display that doesn't work and have no recourse because the seller "disappeared". Lovely...