Tell me the difference between 70's era Gretsch drums and the Renowns (first generation)


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I'm trying to figure out how these Renowns differ from old school Gretsch shells from the 70's and 80's.


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Gretsch drums from the 70s and 80s suffered horribly from poor workmanship and zero quality control. Drums from that time period were hit or miss.

Funny thing is, even though they occasionally had bad edges or splintered wood, they still sounded great.

The early Renown were a slightly different formula, but they sounded a lot like a cross between the USA Customs and Tama Starclassic.


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Pretty sure the roundbadge were the classic formula which is maple/gum whereas the renown is a straight six ply shell. People hate on the roundbadge kits but I think they sound wonderful.