Tearing down and setting up


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I just looked at your kit, very nice. I'm a lefty too athough I play right handed. I can play a left handed kit but I'm not as good. Nice Boxer! I had a brindle, he was a great dog.
Your're even more similar than I thought ; )

........that's probably the best of all worlds- to be lefty n' play righty.....

Boxers are the greatest..... no debate there.


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Get 2 kits, 1 set up for practice, 1 cased up ready to go. Lazy mans solution. Doesn't help today though
Yep, I use a Purecussion Headset for rehearsal and practice, and the kit's are always ready to go in the respective cases with all corresponding hardware in each kits trap cases as to not bring the WRONG hardware with whatever kit I need.

I never need ANYTHING from the "other" kit, everything is separate to avoid confusion. Gig rugs are always in the vehicle ready to go. Permanent rugs are down in rehearsal/practice space.

You can get plenty of rugs for free by dumpster diving.

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Well, I used to have 2.5 kits (the half kit is bass and toms from a Pearl Rhythm Traveler), but I didn't have enough hardware to outfit them both. I used the big kit in my practice room and had the small kit for most of my gigging, but I kept having to transfer the hi hat stand, snare stand, and throne. I considered buying the doubles to make 2 completely separate kits (I certainly have enough cymbals for the job), but ultimately went the other way. I put my 2.5 kits up on Craigslist and bought a really nice pro maple kit.

Of course, since then I still haven't sold my big kit (80's Ludwig) or the rack that went with it, so I could have taken that... But I took the gig solely to try out the new rig. Ah, well. I've wised up a bit thanks to this weekend and put down another rug in the practice room. That way I don't have to move the other gear if I just need a small set. I seriously considered just stealing the rug from the living room on Saturday, but I think my wife would have killed me.