Team mates buy soccer star £5,000 drum kit



It's Ryan Giggs. I'll let it go.

I say this as an Arsenal fan.


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Puts it into perspective for those of us who've had to work our backsides off for our gear.
Sports stars are definitely ridiculously overpaid, but they've still had to work extremely hard to get to where they are. It's not like these guys just woke up one morning and found out that they were exceptionally good at sports; they've trained and worked at it for thousands and thousands of hours.

Regarding the sports star with a drum kit, I suppose it's like when a rich rock star adds a basketball course to his mansion, only the other way around.
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Yeah well those guys make some nice coin. So I'm sure they didn't have to scrape all of their life savings to get him the kit. It's a nice gesture though .


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£5,000? The cheapskates! I was chatting to a member of staff in Wembley Drum Centre a while back and he said they'd just sold a £18,000 kit which some guy was giving to his son as a present. The mind boggles.