Teaching a left handed student


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If you can find a second kit, you can teach with mirror image facing each other. Your right hand is his left hand right across from each other.


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Do right handed teachers use a mirror for left handed students to watch them so they'll see it in their reference? I often wondered if left handed people had a hard time translating their right handed teachers/peers or is that something that just comes natural. One of my buddies growing was a lefty but shot a gun right handed ,played baseball left handed, golf right handed, etc. he was all over the place-I'm not sure if it was just necessity not having access to left handed stuff or his preference. Reminds me microscopy.
I've done a lot of microscopy and the image you see is upside down and backward so then if following migrating cells or something and you have to move the stage you have to accommodate (in grad school they made us teacher's assistant in histology for Med students-my wife and many others would just about vomit looking around a specimen trying to find features). It can be disorienting but I guess I naturally see things upside down and backwards LOL.
P. S. Look at this two paragraphs and the first ends with a transition sentence to next. I'm not sure about punctuation I may have forgotten a period and other grammatical errors but dang I'm proud of myself.