Teachers - what do you carry your teaching stuff in?


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I teach and for years have used attache cases. My current case is ready to be junked. It's served me well but is battered and falling apart.


I'm thinking of buying this Samsonite. It's very smart and would last a long time.

Or I wonder if I could be happy with something like a Pilot case, ie, one of these

Or something like this is very smart, although at 15.7" width, a pair of sticks might barely fit.

With attache cases it's easy to get to everything and see everything at a glance because of the way it completely opens up. I carry several books, a few pairs of sticks, earphones, phone charger,stationery, sandwiches, etc. I basically need to be able to get quite a lot of stuff in.

But perhaps it would be just as easy and nice to use with the pilot or other saddle type bags? For those who teach, what do you guys use? And what do you reckon I should buy? :)

Alex Sanguinetti

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I would say the easiest, lightest, cheapest, easier to carry, is a rucksack... You can even have it with wheels...

Just see in this little one how these four books fit once inside, they take minimal space of it...you can put many more, also sitcks, a laptop...

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Hi Alex, thanks for the reply. Yep, a rucksack definitely works but, and no disrespect, I fancy something a bit more stylish and enjoyable to look at and use.


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Just a messenger bag. Dakine, from Hood River, Oregon, manufactures a nice one. People with a more formal style might use a briefcase.


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I'm on my second leather messenger bag/briefcase. They look smart and carry everything I need them to. I feel better when I'm carrying one through the airport rather than a backpack like everyone else seems to. From my experience if you decide to go that route I would look into getting a bag with a zippered top rather than a flap. Something like this perhaps:


The flap is nice weather protection but it seriously impedes your ability to quickly reach in and grab anything out of the bag. My second bag is zippered and I have the option to simply leave the bag open while I'm at work rather than having to open/close/open like my last one. And like drums I would also look at getting one used. Both bags I bought at Goodwill for $5. Looked them up on eBay and turns out they sold new for around $200.


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Thanks guys, food for thought! Still not sure which to get but I'm sure I'll decide soon. Those messenger bags are quite nice though.

John Lamb

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I got digital versions of as much as I could and threw it on my iPad. I use forScore to navigate. The magnetic flip case ticks to the music stand. SOOOOOO nice and I get to bring around a LOT of resources.

I do have a few folders with handouts, worksheets etc, especially when I'm teaching groups, so I also use a messenger bag. I got one from Fossil. Sticks fit neatly along the bottom without having to stick up. they fit so neatly that I often have to double check to make sure they are there. I do wish it had a zipper or something on the top, though.

When I'm doing the Anatomy of Drumming thing I have to bring along a lot more, though. Skeletons, etc, so I use a proper suitcase with wheels for that. It is always fun going the airport security with bones in your carry on.

Jeremy Bender

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I travel full time for my job. I use Travelpro products. I'm on my second tote (zippered shoulder bag) in 17 yrs.
Expensive, but will look good and last a long time. I personally don't like spinner (4 wheels) I like this type ... https://www.amazon.com/Travelpro-Crew-Rolling-Tote-Black/dp/B00KS7U5KU/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1484448066&sr=8-4&keywords=travelpro+crew+10

Also Domke and ThinkTank both make a large line of camera/tablet bags you may want to look at. They are usually a canvas material.


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Update guys. I bought a leather bag/case for £80 and it's great. Really nice quality leather, lots of zip pockets, roomy and takes all my books and some sticks. Sticks do lie flat. But it's all pretty heavy so I think I'll lose some of the books and limit sticks to a couple of pairs. And that will give me a bit more space to pack a sandwich and a banana. :p