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On the TD12 I finally figured out where to go to change the backing track volume (you have to change each part but its the only way as the kit sound wont go louder without the backing doing so too.

However, in the settings screen next to each fader for the instruments in the backing track, there's a lock icon and I cannot figure out how to actually move the faders so I looked at the manual and checked to see if there was any special button combo that was required but it just says:

1. Press [PATTERN] - [F2 (PART)].
2. Press [F3 (MIXER)
3. Press [F1]–[F3] to select the parameter (in my case its F1 - volume)
4. Press [CURSOR (left/right)] to select the part you wish to set
5. Use [+/-], [VALUE], or [CURSOR (up/down)] to make settings.

Here is what the manual says should show up:

Here is what I'm getting:

Iv'e tried using the cursor keys, the _ and + button and the selection wheel, and moving the faders on the brain but it doesn't do anything
Iv'e tried hitting rev end but I think that's for reverb.

Any Ideas?
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This may get more traction in the drums/hardware part of the forum.
I have a TD-12 and could not figure out how to unlock those, either...simply gave up. :)