TD-20 Fader problem


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I have not played my TD-20 kit since early March (lockdown) and now that I have some gigs coming up, I have taken it out of ‘hiding’ to prepare for our first practice.
I have noticed a problem with the module faders. They cut all sound between the bottom (low volume) end and around halfway up. At 50%, the turn the sound on softly and the volume increases smoothly from the halfway point up until fully open. All 8 faders have the same problem although the bass drum seems to take a little longer to allow sound through (say, at 55%), while the others start firing at around 48%, roughly speaking.
I have checked the sound output via headphones as well as via the Master Outs. Same result.
I have also done a factory re-set, but nothing changed.
What is worth noting is that the led’s on the module which indicate the velocity of my strikes seem to be working, even when no sound is coming out. So.., if I strike lightly, a few greens light up and as I hit harder, the led’s light up progressively higher through all the greens, and orange and into red. But still, no sound unless the individual faders are past the midway point of their slide.
There is no crackle or distortion (unless I hit the bass drum at full volume, but that’s just my earbuds taking strain.) I have also opened the module up and found it to be absolutely dust free.
Another very interesting observation is, when I play the module’s ‘demo song’, it sets all volumes nice and fat, even though all the faders are completely down. If I then stop the demo, and trigger a drum, it’s full and fat. As soon as I touch a fader, it immediately overrides the demo volume and kills the sound until the fader passes the halfway mark, and then the volume starts to increase as the fader opens.
Master volume and headphones volume nobs work fine.
It would SEEM that this is not a mechanical issue, but rather more something happening in the signal chain. But I have no technical knowledge, so I could be off the mark here.
Any thoughts or pointers?