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So my dad was letting his friends' band practice. when i walked in i really sounded like the drums were miced with professional drum tech. so i went over to check'em out and i saw that it was an intermidiate taye tourpro set

even though they didnt resonate much, i would say that this kit sounds about equally as good as a pro kit. another thing was that they are made out of birch/basswood combo and they still had stock heads.

im not sure if these were tuned to perfection, but the bass was really throaty and the toms had a nice deep puch (again, sadly with little resonance)

anybody else played these sets?


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I had a Pro X kit for a bit before my Renowns and I will tell you Taye makes great drums. I'm not surprised they sounded as you say. They aren't one of the big names but they have a great reputation from those who have played them/.


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I have a TourPro kit - bop sizes - 18x16", 9X12, 14x14. They sound pretty good with Evans J1 Etched heads for what I use them for - small group jazz. My experience is that they loose their tuning really fast. By the end of a three hour gig, they don't sound near as good. I'm tired of fighting this, and am looking for a different kit. Maple this time.


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I play weekly on a maple Taye kit & it sounds awesome. The drums are super easy to tune & it's overall a real solid kit. I would not hesitate to buy a Taye kit...


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I've been playing a tourpro kit for about 4 years now. I really love the full tones I get with them. They play well loud for heavy rocking but they also are responsive with nice bright notes for softer music. Loud without being ringy I've gotten my kit to sound pretty thunderous when needed. It took me some time to get a good tone for my 10" tom but eventually I dialed it in and the whole set sings. Everyone from sound guys to other drummers, bassists and even guitarists for god's sake comment on how melodic and full they sound. I believe in finding the true sound of a drum so I like to keep the drums open with no tape/gel or other dampening. I tune the resonant head very tight and then tune the batter heads to the tone I want. I've been playing drums for 25 years and this is the first kit I can actually say I've 'loved' in the same way I've always heard guitarists love their axes. I would absolutely recommend the Tourpros and I've heard the maples sound fantastic also.
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