Tape Machine app for Android


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Hi there!

I have been using Transcribe! and Audacity on my laptop to loop sections of mp3 files while learning the songs...

These programs are great. The only draw back is that I have all my music on my phone, and everytime I find something I want to jam to, I have to transfer files to the computer. Also, sometimes it's a pain to have to move the lap top from living room to Man Cave, then back living room, than back to Man Cave, and so forth.

I found this great app called Tape Machine on the Android market which allows you to, amond other things, crop sections of mp3 files and loop them. It's really quick and simple. Now basically I don't need my laptop at all (unless I need the slow tempo feature of Transcribe!) and can do all from my phone, which is much handier. It cost's about 5 bucks (the free version doesn't allow to install mp3 codec...)