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Hey everyone!
I am sure that some of you are aware of these beautiful drums, but I am also sure that many are not.
We started carrying Tamburo drums recently and we just filmed a video presenting and demonstrating 3 of their high-end kit offerings. Personally, I am quite impressed. What I like most of all is that they are DIFFERENT. I believe that comes across in the audio, at least I tried to make sure it did. As someone in the comments pointed out, the drums sound almost the same in the room mics as they did in the full mix, I agree. They seem to be very honest drums and have a character of their own.
Check them out and and let me know what you think!

Tamburo Pro Series Drum Sets Review - Opera, Unika and Volume!


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I saw the video yesterday, impressive and different for sure...all 3. I remember just reading about them in trade shows when they first came out and wondering what they may sound like. That brass hi-tension design is really nice, looks like great craftsmanship through out. I imagine they will get attention and sell well.


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I'm afraid I'm not entirely objective as I believe I'm one of the brand's oldest customers, I've known Tullio Granatello, the founder, for over 30 years and I'm the happy owner of two 1991 Original solid stave sets as well as a couple of other Original snare drums. That said, I want to state that I have owned a number of high end sets over my lifetime, and still own a beautiful Yamaha Hybrid Maple: however, none of these sets have the character of the two old Tamburo! I also wrote this under the nice video mentioned in sonortony35 post above: I don't know exactly what it is, but all the Tamburo sets I have played, even the less prestigious ones, have a certain something that I have never found in other sets. I'm not saying that there aren't other brands of very high quality that other drummers will surely like more than Tamburo: I speak for myself, and I'm sincere in what I say.

Maybe you will understand what I mean by watching this old amateur video: Tamburo factory around 1992

Talking to Tullio has always been fantastic. Besides being a great drummer, he has a passion and an inventiveness that in my opinion nobody else has in the drums world. He was the first to focus on solid wood staves to build thin and powerful shells, he was the first to focus on unusual sizes (especially for bass drums) when everybody was making power sets, he was the first to introduce the bass drum riser, he was the first to create thin and elastic acrylic shells, he was the first to make drums with melamine (the Unika). And years ago he even showed me the prototype of an incredible aluminium rack that was extremely light and could be assembled in a second!

I am really happy that a big and prestigious shop in the USA has decided to bet on Tamburo: I am sure it will be a success and that many American drummers will find an extraordinary instrument that will make them very very happy!

P.S.: I just posted a short and poor quality video showing a Tamburo Original snare drum here:
Hope the character of the drum can be heard even if the drummer and the recording are not that great ...
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I watched the DCP video yesterday and all the kits sounded great, especially the Opera.

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Have always been curious about these. I had the chance of one last year but, like a tit, I passed on it. :oops::rolleyes: