tambourine pedal

I'm thinking about hooking up a tambourine to a pedal but how do I do it? AND I was wondering does the pedal beater hit the tambourine directly?? Would I havto get like a metal one so that it doesn't brake? OR can I somehow mount it to my rack so that I can hit it with my stick and foot? Like I figured I would use an 6 foot hihat cable thing or something I just wouldn't know how to go about doing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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They make little 'jingles' that attach to your hihat rod, so as you play the hihat with your foot it jingles (or you can play it with your sticks).

Like this:


Otherwise you can just sit your tambourine on top of your hats, actually resting on the top cymbal, but it's not very effective.

I wouldn't see any negative effects to placing a kick pedal right on to the tambourine, just use a soft beater, not a plastic one I guess?