Tambourine Pedal


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I was inspired by seeing another drummer playing a tambourine with his foot. He set it on the ground sort of resting on mic cables and things, and sort of kicked it or stepped on it, he would keep time with just a few jingles or hit the whole thing.

I was wondering if there are other ways to go about doing this.

I know the hihat adapter already, and for he kit I want to use it with, this wouldn't be appropriate, because I am using a mini hat on a diy remote hihat.

There are other commercial mounts that essentially look like bass drum mounts, might be over kill.

I googled a little and there is this: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-foot-drum/

Though I think the lever thing is kind of weird. Why not put the tambourine below pedal suspended above with the spring, more like a hihat?


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I had a percussion bracket for a bass pedal and rigged up my own beater for it. It did some cool things but is not the same as shaking a tambourine. Looks like they have come up with some better options for shaking it with your foot since then.


Some of those things that you attach to your shoe look cheap enough that they'd be worth a try.

Or you could rig up something with a bass pedal of your own design.


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I have the dw 2000 tambourine pedal and use it without the whitish plastic stop. Way bigger range of motion and have the same "tap" effect when the pedal board hits the bottom.


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This pedal is loud. And fun to play but it requires a bit of technique to get it swinging just right. Removing the bumper is a great idea. I will try it!!

I'll be using it twice this weekend on a couple acoustic gigs. I use it as a hi-hat to my cajon 'bass' pedal and I slap out the snare beats on the top.