Tamas with no reso heads? Non-ply shells?


Hey guys, I recently came into the possession of an old Tama kit. When I say old, its fair old. Older than me anyway. The thing is I'm unsure of its model, I was told Imperial Star. Anyway I took some photos, funny thing is it lacks any reso heads or lugs and has a fairly shallow depth like the modern day hyper drives. The shell's material is also rather weird. Maybe I'm just abit young and prior to... lacking interest in older generation drums.



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I used to have an 8" and 10" just like that hanging over my hi hats back in the early '80s. They look to be Imperialstars alright. If I'm not mistaken, the shells are mahogany with whatever zola-coat stuff spayed onto the shells so they didn't have to bother finishing them.

I later had a 24"x14" Imperialstar bass drum that sounded amazing. Looked just like that.

Here's a catalog link.
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What you have is indeed Imperialstar. The original Imperialstar, looks like early 80's, late 70's in midnight blue.

The toms are called 'concert toms' and were in the whats considered traditional sizes.

The finish on the inside is called 'zola-coat'. Underneath are 9 plies of mahogany.

You can find most of the info you need HERE

I have an Imperialstar in that same finish, same concert toms. Notice the re-ring inside the drum, Tama later went to a thicker shell without the ring, that's why I say late 70's, early 80's.....


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I had bought a kit back in 1978 they were tama royalstar drums with the same material .I was told this was pressed mahogany.
they were also concert toms (no bottom heads) i wished i woulda held on to them they sounded great !