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Oh man, sorry to hear this. I'd wondered where he was.

Rest easy, Steve. You'll be missed by a lot of us.


"Uncle Larry"
He really was a pillar here. The guy was a fountain of knowledge of drums of yesteryear. He knew stuff that took so much time to compile, he was a real expert. It still hasn't really sunk in yet.

But you know what, what he knew isn't completely lost. A good deal of it is buried in these archives. He shared anything he knew and it's all preserved here. Small consolation but it's better than having nothing.

It would be nice if Bernhard can memorialize him with some kind of special title under his name.

Here's a link to another pic:


Matt Bo Eder

My condolences to his surviving family and friends. I think we may have traded a couple of questions in PM's, but my involvement was was not as extensive as others here. Perhaps Bernard can memorialize him here.


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It would be nice if Bernhard can memorialize him with some kind of special title under his name.
A great idea Larry, & most fitting.

It felt a little weird trawling his daughter's FB page for a good picture, but I needed to see the man who I conversed with so many times. I believe this to be recent.

RIP Steve - a strong soul in a weak world.



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Thanks for finding that Larry. I can't see the Facebook post without a login (haven't had Facebook for years) but it's good to know, even though the news isn't what we wanted to hear. Andy, that's a good picture. A good find.

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I always pictured a towering, short haired and stern faced man with an deep love for vintage drums. He looks like a very friendly and welcoming guy. Like he'd walk some lost out of towners back to their hotel in the city instead of just offering directions.

I communicated with him through PMs a few times. Usually when I had questions about a protective purchase. He steered me in the right direction with my 20" Rogers bass drum that now makes up my main gigging kit. I wasn't sure at first but he assured me it was a good deal. He added "Rogers bass drums have a great warm punchy sound I think you'll like. Certainly in the same neighborhood of a similar vintage Luddy". I was sold, bought the drum, and fell in love with vintage Rogers kits.

He ended the message with "Take care Luis. Steve B."


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It felt a little weird trawling his daughter's FB page for a good picture, but I needed to see the man who I conversed with so many times.
Likewise........but ultimately I was glad I did. Some of her postings had me laughing out loud. I enjoyed her sense of humour as much as I enjoyed her old man's. From afar, it really looks like the apple didn't roll too far from the tree.

We often joked about having a Fosters together. I tried to tell him that real Aussies never touch the stuff. That we pass that shit off to unsuspecting Yanks, but for him I'd make an exception. Well, I just went and bought one in your honour old mate.

Here's to you Steve.



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i didnt have much contact with him, sadly appear to have gotten my ludwig snare after this.... but he did comment on my vintage stuff but my correspondence was minimum. But from what i did speak with him he was a lovely bloke. RIP

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This is the most saddening news, I've just "discovered" this thread and I'm deeply sorry and upset to hear that Steve will no longer hang on here with us, I will miss his wisdom, knowledge and humour.

RIP Steve, my thoughts are with your family and friends.


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Yeah this is awfully sad news. I too wondered what was up with Steve. I bugged him way too much regarding potential vintage drum purchases and thanks to him I have a nice collection. He was always generous with his time. Oh jeez. I recall the guy being involved when the hurricane rains devastated his town a couple years ago. Seemed like such a nice guy. I wished I could have thanked him again for all his help over the years.

Thanks to Duncan for initiating this. We're a good group here.


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I am sorry you guys lost a friend. It's lovely to see how much he meant to you all.
This is an awesome community, and Steve was a stand-up guy.

I wonder if it would be a good idea to contact his family via facebook and show them this thread? Let them know how much he meant to people here.


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This is the very reason I was inquiring about Bobdadrummer last week. Us old guys have to watch out for one another. He may be offended by being called old. No offense Sir.


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This is a great example then of looks being deceiving. My "bad to the bone" stops with bad skin.


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I'm not sure if it was a good idea, or if she will even get it, but I sent a message and link to Meredith Bettenhauser on fb.