Tama unacceptable quality control help


Hi Everyone I’m a new member .
Please help with thoughts or similar issues and how I should deal with this..
I just purchased a new Tama superstar classic 7 piece vintage white sparkle wrap. I noticed
4 of the shells have a cut or notch on the
Outer side of the bearing edge . These cuts or notches can even be seen through the drum head . The bearing is is the most important part of the drum .I have owned quite a few drum sets over the years and have never seen this type of quality control
before. To say I am disappointed
Is a understatement I have contacted my dealer to return them or have replacements.
I am thinking of returning and trying Gretsch Catalina , or pearl decafe maple
Thanks for your help I will try and add photos
Bongofury , Canada


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King Tiger

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Well, I guess if you like the rest of the set enough, return them and get replacement toms. I can't see them fixing those notches and sending you the same toms. Trouble is, how long it's going to take to get replacements. I'm kind of surprised to see such a lackadaisical effort in a QC department from a major drum maker. But hey, unfortunately sh*t like this can happen from any company.


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Tama had a quality control?..drunk...i wouldn't have let those shells pass. They aren't even my drums and I'm pissed. I can see missing a shell that had a sparkle missing somewhere but bearing edges ravaged by termites?. Get a refund unless the C.E.O. of Tama drops off new drums to you in a Limo. Sorry..im P.O.'d right now.


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That is friggin' odd......and wildly unacceptable.

For clarity, these drums came out of a factory sealed box?

I wouldn't accept that, be professional but firm in working the proper channels. Start with the dealer.


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The notch is for the wrap to be tucked into so that the wrap doesn’t bulge at the overlap. However, it looks like the notch is too deep and the wrap isn’t trimmed at the correct spot. ☹️


I just checked all the drums and your right it’s for the wrap . But the wrap is below
The bearing edge why didn’t they notch it below the bearing edge.? I was so upset yesterday I walked away. Now I’ve calmed down and noticed that.
Would you guys keep them or return..
Catalina maple any good they spray there finish on.. I know 30degree edge.
I really liked the Tama sound and look.


Should I fill it in with wood filler and sand smooth? Do other company’s do this with there wraps ?
Thanks for all the feed back


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I would look at the Catalinas or even the Yamaha Tour Customs. The Yamahas are... well, they're Yamahas. They are exceptionally well made and are built to last.

I've seen Sonor AQ1 in that price range but I don't know much about them.
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I found out what the notch is for and agree that it's to deep. I'm kinda sad that your drums have this issue which brings out the Guido Calimari in me..you know...the guy you DONT want to upset. I better stay gone from here on out and bite my tongue. I could just feel that sinking feeling you must have felt first seeing those edges. Wish I lived closer so you and I could drive up to the factory getting out of a stretch black limo wearing pinstripe suits having the quality control guy looking out the window as we carry the shells in thinking...SHIT..this ain't good boys.


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Whoever put the wrap on had to have seen that. Return them post haste. Have you sent these photos to the dealer??


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It doesnt look like the actual seating surface of the bearing edge is affected from the picture.

If this is the standard at Tama, and the drums tune right up, I personally wouldnt worry about it.


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Unacceptable for new drums, so yes I'd return but it would not change my view of Tama.
These are made in a factory somewhere on a day in which a given somebody wasn't doing their job. Happens all the time.


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I’ve never owned wrapped drums (all of my kits have been stained or lacquered), so I didn’t know about the notch issue. But now that I do, it looks like the wrap is positioned correctly. You can see where the bottom layer starts right at the edge of the notch before wrapping around the shell. If this is how they’re supposed to be built, and the notch doesn’t interfere with the part of the bearing edge that makes contact with the head, then it’s a non-issue and I would keep the drums.



Thanks everyone I’m sure the Tama rep is going to say that’s how they are made.
I really like the drums and sound and vintage wrap but that notch might drive me crazy it does look like cheap way out. I’ll see what the rep says
Then decide what to do. I’m getting a set of Catalina’s sent in then I’ll decide. This was going to be my last kit . I’m an older dude
And my old band has gotten back together For fun. I didn’t want to buy high end drums . These entry level maple drums give
A lot for the money… any last recommendations ??
Thanks. All


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I really like the drums and sound and vintage wrap but that notch might drive me crazy it does look like cheap way out.
If it helps, once you put heads on it you wont see it.