Tama "the Classic" Anyone?

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I see all these threads on new pedals that are out. So I went on down to the shop and put my foot on some.
Tama's the Classic was instantly the nicest feeling pedal there for my tastes. It has some sort of height adjustment though, which is neat, but also could be a breakage issue.
Anybody got one?


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Yes, and I fell in love with it as soon as I got it. Great feel, and I actually love the retro beater. And that's after nearly 20 years of playing an IC. I've used it on 18", 20" and 22" kick drums and the height adjustment is awesome. It's currently on my 18" kick and it's perfect for that.

My only complaint is probably more due to bad technique--as you adjust the post downward, you also have to shorten the chain so you don't slam into the pedal's base when you depress the footboard. Now that I have it at its lowest level for an 18" kick with the chain shortened accordingly, my toe now gets caught in the reduced clearance between footboard and cam. But I've always kicked too forward on a pedal (same reason I could never use the "toe stop" on an IC)

As for the height adjustment being a breakage issue, as long as you don't abuse it or over-tighten wing bolts, I don't see why it would. There are plenty of old Swivos out there with the same design that have held up for 40+ years, after all.


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Good feeling pedal. Adjusts very easily (and intuitively). Light weight. MUCH cheaper than the Rogers pedal it seems to be copying. I got it because I was having trouble with the riser for my 18" bass drum. Using this I no longer need the riser and it still feels very good. No issues with durability so far and I don't generally go easy on my pedals.


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Interesting comments on the "retro" beater. I don't own the Tama Classic but have a similar style of beater on my Sonor Perfect Balance Standard. It took a little getting used to it but I love the feel of it now. It has a weight to it that really helps with the overall feel of the stroke but I also love the attack of it now after coming across from smaller Iron Cobra style beaters. It has so much clout but a across a broader contact area and sounds great! The only time I swap it out is for lighter moments when I use a Vic Firth fluffy beater.


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Tama's OG. The 6740 pedal (Hi Beat). Yamaha had the height adjust feature on their FP910. The new Tama Classic is a melding of the two.


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I bought one and just adore it. So many ways it can be adjusted. Best yet, it cost 98 bucks! It's a similar design to the old Rogers Swiv-0-matic.