Tama Swingstar 2010ish advice


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Hey there,
I've been playing on a crappy old ProMax kit for years now coz ive never had the money to afford anything nicer(broke teenager things am i right). And a 2010 ish tama swingstar has just popped up on gumtree for $150AUD. It's in not great condition and the heads need replacing but i was planning on doing that anyway. I have cymbals and and hardware so that won't be too much of an issue, i guess i'll add them to my collection of crappy shit i don't need. is it worth my while should i wait for something better. What are your thoughts?
Here's the link:

Any advice would be appreciated


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Snatch that kit up! The Swingstars look to be a nice upgrade in quality and sound from your ProMax kit. Sure, the wrap is cracked, the bass feet are missing, it needs new heads.....but Tama hardware is solid. With new heads, you can get it sounding quite good.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to find deals in Australia, especially on a budget. I think you'll be very happy with them.