Tama superstar hyper. Toms respons on Rock music.


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Hello, I'm looking around the internet to buy a drumset, and I found this "Tama Superstar Hyper" drumsets, with diferent dimensions for the tomtoms and floor toms. Basically they're a lot less deep, so that, on the one hand looked like it wasn't going to work as well for rock music ans such, but on the other hand it looked really confortable to put the toms wherever you wanted to, without having them crashing on the bass drum's shell. Plus I'd seen Josh Freese using those kind of toms live, so...
Anyway, my question was only if anyone has one of this kits and can give me their opinion about it, maybe compared to a Sonor Force 3007 or something like that.

Thanks a lot.


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Do a thread search for "tama superstar hyperdrive" and you will find many many threads of adoring fans of these drum sets.

I own a six piece ss hyperdrive, and its amazing for rock, metal, almost anything.