Tama Superstar Custom Hyperdrive or Starclassic Performer B/B


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Love Tama stuff.100% birch shells project very nicely.This is as close as Tama has gotten to replicating 70's 80's vintage superstars which were and are ,still amazing drums.I'm not crazy about "fast "size toms just like I wasn't crazy about power toms .I prefer standard or maybe standard +1" sizes.I just feel they are more versitile.As for the sound/build comparison,the Starclassic B/B drums are just amazing.But for the coin,those Superstars are great sounding drums.Warm,woody,punchy and they do project well.Built like tanks is a Tama trait.You have a very nice set of drums there...good luck.

Steve B
Pretty late comment on this post. I love my StarClassic maple set. You'd have to tear it away from my cold, dead hands. Well, I may be exaggerating ...
I think the hardware may be a little better than the Superstar Classic., and it is the most solid kit I have ever owned. But I also own a couple of low-priced sets, Pearl Decade, and a ddrum Reflex series. They all sound good. I haven't played on a Super Star, but Tama quality is superb, and, bang for your buck, I would think they would make any drummer happy.


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I just got that exact kit for 350 with cases and Im beyond impressed! Kick is fat and deep. Rack toms tune nicely and project well. Im not using the 14 yet because the legs are short, but the 16 sounds good, its got power. Love the shallow toms.