Tama Steel Snare, Please help!


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Just wanted to know if anyone happens to know more about this little drum?
It’s obviously a Tama steel piccolo it measures 13" x4"

It was the main snare in an add on set I just picked up.
Any idea if it’s worth selling? Or keeping? Or how old it is?



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Tama steel shell,2.3mm hoops made sometime in the 2000 's madel probably PF 1325,which would be the 13" "soprano" drum.That's a guess,as I can't be absolutely sure.

Not collectabe of particulary valuable.Around 70 to125 US maybe..Keep it as a back up or side snare.Those 13 " steel drums really pop.

Steve B
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Yes, those are fun snares. I have a 12 and a 13. I usually keep the 13 off to the side of my hi hat.