tama starclassic!!

ive been playing for about 3 months now!!


please tell me what i need to work on! dont be mean =]. i asked my mom to buy me a pearl vision drum kit [entry level] and she comes home with a beautiful tama starclassic! haha i cant complain with my moms choice lol..
i need new drum heads also i was thinking of evans ec2 or the remo emporer. which would you pefer?THANKSSSSS!!!


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sounds great man! and for only 3 months!
do what i didnt... practice with a metronome. your timing isnt very good but you just started.
being able to play with a click is an important skill and you should work on it while your just getting started.
keep it up!

as far as heads go... i plays ec2s and love them.


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Not bad for three months!

You are lucky to have a Starclassic as your first kit, can your mom buy me one too?


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Your mother just bought your heart and soul. You owe her bigtime - don't forget her when you're a rock star. Everybody wants a mom like that.

But besides being rich, is she hot?

Your drumming sounds great BUT I would echo the above sentiment about timing.

And take the price tag off the kit, already.


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Nice kit! Whew!

Anyways, work on your tempo. It's fluctuating all over the place. It sounds as if you could probably afford a metronome. :p

Also, it looks as if you're using way to much energy playing. Use wrist motions and you can get faster and expand your dynamic range.

Good luck! Oh, and did I say nice kit? Sweet!


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BTW I forgot to mention that I'm using EC2/G1 on Tama birch shells and they offer a deep, round, controlled presence. Either way you go, it will be a big improvement from the stock heads. Don't forget the importance of new reso heads, too.

Skin and tune your drums to suit your playing environment and your playing.

Be proud that you have a professional level kit to practice on. And you're young - don't ever give up.
Thanks guys for all the help! Whats a metronome? What is it going to help me do?How much does it cost? By the way..My mom is not rich but.. she bought me a nice kit because she wants me to have positive hobbies! She saw me messing around with electric drums at sam ash. I sucked but people working there said I wasnt bad at all.Before drumming I used to smoke weed and drink with friends alot for fun and to relieve stress! Now drums is fun, addictive,positive, and to me it relieves stress. Now drums is my anti-drug Love You Mom <333


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A metronome is a time keeping device that provides a click at so many beats per minute, as you set it. In the olden days they were mechanical devices, nowadays they are electronic or digital. Go to your music shop ask to see what they have in stock. Or, check eBay; there are plenty for sale. For drummers, it's good to have one with a flashing LED along with the click sound, in case you drown it out.

Metronomes seem like cruel taskmasters to begin with; you will probably hate it. "It's messing me up!" But they WILL make you a better drummer. I highly recommend that you get one.


1. Have fun! :)

2. Get a good teacher if possible.

3. Establish a clear practice regimen; don't just randomly bang and thrash around.

4. Work on stick control and rudiments using a metronome.

5. Play along with your favorite music.

6. Thank your mom.

7. Return to step one.

wy yung

You are doing very well. As said earlier, a teacher is a great idea. The most important things in the beginning are learning the values of the metronome and good technique. With these two important basics in mind you can go about practice in a positive and substantial way. A teacher will help you develop good hand technique and avoid bad habbits early. A good teacher can also help open you up to new music and styles as well as point out drummers you may not know of that will help in your development.

Try to develop BIG EARS. Art Blakey gave me that advice.

Good luck.