Tama Starclassic Mirage


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hey i was just wondering if anybody knew weather Tama was still making their Starclassic mirage line? i searched there site, but didn't see any info on them,
which is odd cause they were only out for about a year.......

I'm slightly confused.....



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im pretty sure they are discontinued or else in limited production

found this on wiki

Dom is an endorser of Tama Drums. He has had several kits, many of which have been destroyed during performances. More recently he has used their now discontinued Starclassic Mirage acrylic sets


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Yeah, they've had a few artists use the Mirage kits. Dom Howard from Muse is one, and Mike Portnoy has an absolutely ludicrous Mirage set as well.

I don't think Tama made the shells themselves though, they were bought from another manufacturer, so that may be part of the reason why they are no longer made.


The mirage line was made by C&C drums from gold n times shells for tama.

As much as I thought they looked cool, IMO they didn't sound as good as MD/DRUM reported.

Anyone see Dream Theater live? These was a distinct hollow/dry sound to the drums that made them artifical sounding to my ears. They never fooled me in person (eyes closed) that they were wood.

In a video interview, Mike Portnoy was non-committal about maple vs the acrylic sound. I take that as a NO to acrylic. His kit was just a new toy, and something for tama to sell.

I hope/believe Mike next kit will be SC bubinga based on recent photos of him playing one. I have to think bubinga will work much better in the studio than acrylic as well. I think drummers want an overall natural sound.