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Hey folks, I have been lucky enough to inherit a Tama Starclassic from my previous employer. The set was originally bought around 2014 for some 10 tour dates and was never used again.

I have been trying to figure out the through Tama what type of wood this kit is and approximate value based on the year assumption and model and have had no luck.

Attached are some pics, any input would be appreciated.

Happy drumming!


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Those are the same badges as my 2003 to 2005 performers all Birch shell. However during those years they had a sliding Tom holder on the kick drum and yours does not have that. So I think that it's an all Birch shell either slightly before 2003 or after 2005. I was thinking by 2014 they were doing Birch Bubinga shells and I think the interior is a lot darker on those than yours.

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Looks like second generation Starclassic performers. The original performers from '94 or so basically used Rockstar shells with wrapped finish and a few lacquer finishes. Transparent Green was not an option for these so that rules them out.

They came out with the second gen Performers in '97 with Birch inner and outer with Japanese Basswood in the middle. They had 6mm toms and 8mm bass drums.

Here is the '97 catalog.


The all Birch performers came out in '99. They had thin 100% birch shells. They had 5mm toms and 7mm bass drums which were the same thicknesses as the more expensive Starclassic Maple shells.

Here is the '99 catalog.

All of these had the fixed bass drum tom mount. The sliding mount came a bit later.


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Beautiful finish, and beautiful drums!

Back in the day the local shop had a set of a similar vintage in Honey Amber that I used to lust after. That era of Starclassic drums (birch or maple) were really great; they were well built, sounded great, and had really nice lacquer finishes. Not too long afterward Tama's finish offerings took a big turn toward funky and flashy and kinda lost me.