tama starclassic good for the price range?

Bo Eder

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Bo, do you have the photos of your new kit ?? Love those drums !!!!!
I just got them, and I'm expecting them to show up by the end of next week via UPS. Once I give them the once over and spiff 'em up a bit, I'll post some pictures. The pictures I saw we beautiful, but they're stock gun metal grey, but with the clear heads you can definitely see that red African rosewood! I'm excited.
THe international price shipping from ebay.com will be a bit hard on the wallet but i will look around on there too.

also are zildjian zbt cymbals any good cause someone near were i live is selling some.
ive been playing drums for a few years but i want to get more serious with it.
If ur buying low-priced cymbals, i suggest paiste. There're some zildjian cymbals out there that are better than paiste. But if ur not getting expensive cymbals like zildjian sweet ride, then go for paiste man.

Mike St.Clair

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Good luck finding SCP's on ebay for $700! I've been looking for a while, they don't come around often. I highly recommend getting the 06 SCP's and newer. The newer chrome starcast mounts and I believe a slight change in the shell made a fantastic difference over the previous years. I had a 03 SCP and a 06 SCP and there was no comparison. I bought mine after playing Pearl Masters, DW's, and some other high end kits in the showroom with my 06 SCP's and still loved their sound. I don't think you can go wrong. You can find the black rims style mounted SCP's for good prices and they're great too.
just try to find a almost new superstar on eBay and get some nice cymbals with it, and be really really picky on the cymbals cause you can't tune them! They must sound awesome to your ear from the first hit... no compromise or you end up throwing away cheap cymbals like most of us did when we started haha