Tama Silverstar tension rods question..


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I have a question about Tama Silverstar drums, is it just me or are the tension rods too small for most drum keys? Are these a special size?
I ask because none of my favorite drum keys like my Spin Key and Rhythm Tech Torque key will work. I noticed this setting them up for the first time. They just spin around on the tension rod and do not turn it. But the Tama key that came with the kit works fine. I compared my faves to the one with the kit but they look exactly the same size on the end! If I lose the key will none of my other hundreds of standard keys work?
Are all Tama screws this size?


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I don't have any problems with tension rod size on my Superstars and I've never heard of this issue- it is out of the realm of plausibility that they'd use a different rod size. However, I did have a similar issue on my first CB kit where one of my drumkeys (an Evans magnetic key) was a little big. I have the Tama key too (a well designed & good feeling key btw) and it fits all my rods perfectly, as do all of my keys (Gibraltar RoboKey, Evans Torque key, a bunch of noname ones). I'm not sure what the issue could be if none of your other keys work.


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I have a Tama Silverstar 6 pc (transparent blue burst) I bought about a year ago and love it. Played our first full gig with it last night and had GREAT sound.

Onto the question....

I've used a few keys (DW, Gibraltar, the stock Tama, some unknown one) and they all seem to fit fine. I assumed all tension rods and drum keys were universal.....


I have a Tama Starclassic Bubinga set of drums and I too believe the heads of their tension rods are a bit smaller than other manufacturers. I also have a few Evans magnetic keys that will spin on the heads of the Tama rods, but will work fine on my other kits. Somewhere on this forum I made a short video showing the Evans Magnetic key spinning on the tension rods compared to other different keys working just fine.

BTW, Evans never commented on this through the forum or Email.



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I'm convinced myself too. The heads of the tension rods just seem smaller. Yet when I look at the ends of the keys next to the Tama one they look identical! And did find a tuning key/wrench that came with a Gibralter pedal I got years ago that works and fits loose but fits. But almost all my others, Mapex, Pearl, Evans, Rhythm Tech don't! It will suck if I lose the one that came with it.. I've never heard of this before, I know DW and maybe another brand use special rods, but I thought all others would be standard.