Tama Road Pro fail last gig.

Road Bull

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I will start by saying that I love all my Tama gear, but something caught me off guard last night.

I was setting up the kit at a gig. I pulled one of my three Road Pro boom stands out and went to expand the legs and something felt odd. I looked down and the base of the stand was coming completely out of where it seats. It took me a bit to process what I was looking at, but then I got it. I was able to slide it back in place without effort and do the gig, but I will have to take another look at this stand when I get me kit set up again.

These are all new stands, so this is sort of a surprise. This one might be heading back to the store. Has anyone else had their stand pull out of the base like that? I am not hard on my gear at all, so I just think its just possibly a fluke.


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i have a snare stand that slides down. though not a tama brand one, its a sound percussion one, and tend to slide down if i put a heavy snare on.


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Good thing you could make it work for the gig. Those stands seem rather nice. I like the smaller tubing they use. The Medium DW stands I have are similar in tube diams.

I think it's just "one of those things" that can happen.

I've had it happen on a heavy stand.
The rivet that was popped in to keep the legs on at the bottom sheered off, or something. It was a DW stand. I never noticed that it was a rivet because all the other DW stands have a screw. This was a weird, one off tube diam stand the shop got from a show off the DW display in '06. Not quite as beefy as the 8000 mega line but bigger than the 9000. From what the guys were told, only a couple were made like this one, before they settled on the final tubes for whatever they were doing. Whatever, it works great for holding my gong... until it popped out at the bottom--at a gig like yours did :)!

In the past, I have taken small chrome hex screws with an inside lock washer and nut and really secured stands. I did that with my Medium DW stands, AND that gong stand!
The older Ludwig, and I think my Gibraltar stands (now sold too) have a small screw at the bottom threaded in. I looked at the Flat Base ATLAS stands I'm using now, and they have a rather long screw at the bottom holding the leg piece in place.

Hope the stands hold up for you!


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Also a TAMA stand user and haven't had anything like that happen on any of my gear, I'm not terribly hard on my gear either. I play Iron Cobra Peddles (kick+HHats) and have for 25 years.


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I use all DW 9000 gear and I just had a memory lock break on me last night. Even the best stands start to break down with enough wear and tear. To hear that a new Road Pro stand is failing seems odd to me. Tama makes pretty high quality stuff.


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I've never heard anything but good reviews about the road pro hardware........must have been one "bad apple" that slipped through the cracks

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I am still a believer in Tama's gear and quality. I think it was just a fluke sort of thing. It was just that I was setting up and started to bull the base out of the bottom portion of the stand. I was just confused for a moment thinking, hrrrrm.. I don't think this lower tube should be adjusting.. (that's when I noticed the base of the main tube was no longer seated at the base of the stand.

I would say that's pretty good considering I have been happily using Tama gear for about 24 years. I will take a better look at it Wednesday and replace if needed with another Tama Road Pro.

Of all the things to fail at a show, that is the easiest to deal with by far. I'd rather have a cymbal boom stand give me the business over a bass pedal, bass head, or Hi-Hat stand any day.


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I dont find Tama's hardware to be as good as it was in the mid to late 90's. The tubing seems slightly smaller, and perhaps thinner. Its these little things that can make all the difference. Comparing a current day Road Pro counter weighted boom stand vs. a counter weighted Stilt stand from 20 years ago, you will see Tama has reduced the overall quality. However, they are certainly cheaper in price. So at least there is some benefit to it.