Tama Quick Lock Tom Bracket

mike d

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Looking for feedback on the Quick Lock Tom Bracket. I have a B/B kit with the older tom brackets and was thinking of swapping them out for the new ones, but when I started looking at the videos and reviews, I'm not sure they are better than the ones I have now. Just looking for feedback.
My current bracket:

New Quick Lock


I'm not sure I would go through the expense of replacing all of them just to avoid having to tighten a wingnut. We're becoming victims of convenience.

mike d

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Well, I think I agree. I though maybe someone could point out some real benefit, but it seems to me, once the lock is on the stand (item 2-3 in the first diagram) it seems like it would stay put and be less susceptible to loosening than item 2-2 in the second diagram (because of the wing nut protrusion).
If the whole advantage is just the convenience of the lever vs. wing nut, then it's not an upgrade I'd be interested in. :)

Wave Deckel

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I do have both systems and can tell you that the "wobble" is more noticable at first when you mount the tom with the new Quick Lock Tom Bracket (QLTB). The drumming-experience is "softer", more buttery, but still, everything is rock solid in place. The old mount is stiffer. The QLTB improves the resonance of the shell a bit on tomtoms and noticeably on the floortom, but it is not really like night and day.

If you have the old mount on your Starclassic, stick to it, I'd say. The new one is nice and really comfortable and easy to use, especially if you are at a gig and want to set up and tear down your drumset in a hurry. It works really fast. But the QLTB is not as much of an upgrade to the prior version that I'd spend extra-money for it.