Tama NAMM kit on the Bay

Bo Eder

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I saw that kit in person and it was absolutely beautiful. 25K is out of my price range for expendable income, though. It'd be funny if someone bought it and displayed it at the NAMM show next year:)


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Hope it comes with an instructional DVD that explains how to set it up. Would love to see the look on my bandmates faces if I showed up to a gig with this!


Dales frequently has some 'one off' high quality kits in their showroom, they're great to look at. I can't remember what price they got for the DW Collectors kit that Neil Peart played during the Buddy Rich tribute a couple of years ago. That also had gold stands and hardware and I believe it included the Sabian Paragon cymbals, but I can't be sure. I was actually sad to see that one go out their doors.