TAMA kit identification


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Wondering if in fact this is a TAMA kit at all? The photos from the ad are very poor resolution, and I can't tell from the kit sizes or the hardware if it is TAMA or if it is other brand maybe Pearl?


The bass drums are reported to be 22" diameter and look to be 24"(?) deep. I figured they maybe from the 70's or 80's due to the dated concert tom set up.


I scanned thru some of the catalaogs and found one kit with similar tom sizes, but the hardware doesn't look the same, and it isn't cataloged as a double bass with the cannon deep bass drum! So maybe they are from the 80's/90's, not the 70's. Still learning about all imported drums, any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated? Thanks!


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There was a small custom drum company in the San Francisco bay area in the late 70's and 80's that made custom drum kits. They used to advertise in Modern Drummer, and the company closed down with the owner developed some sort of respiratory problem that prevented him from being around saw dust any more.

The drums in the picture remind of that company, with the mega long bass drums and everything single headed. But I'm not saying they are.

Anyhow, as far as a I know. Tama never made bass drums that long.


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Back in the 80's Tama was known for making any drum in any size, any color you wanted. That being said, those bass drums are most likely NOT tama. Tama would have used the correct hardware on all "4" bass drum legs. I've never seen hoops like those on a Tama. The only way to tell is by going to see them and see if there is a vertical seem in the wood. But I'm pretty sure they are not Tama.

But you can get this from it. The toms look like Tama Imperialstar drums with the Zola coating. The bass drums look like they are wood inside which would make them Superstars. And the bass drums do not look like they have a lacquer finish.

Several companies could make Tama like drums in the 80's. Eames made a very good birch shell very similar to Tama.

At least the seller isn't asking much for them, but he's still full of crap about the bass drums.


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This brings up an excellent opportunity to educate as there is a glut of false and misleading titles on Craigslist of "1970s vintage drums" showcasing what are Ludwig power toms from about 1983. The other is "I used eBay pricing to determine the value". If they want eBay prices, the gear should be on eBay and the seller should be willing to ship! Always beware and know what you are looking at! The bass drums in those photos aren't Tamas - stay away!




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Looks to me like the tom mounts are Tama. The floor tom could be a Tama because the floor tom legs have that shape, but that's not definitive; you could put Tama legs on any number of different floors. Ask for photos of the badges and the shell interiors if you're that interested.

But those bass drums? No way. Custom jobs with Fibes-looking lug casings.


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Kicks don't look Tama, the hardware on them don't look it either.

The toms look like Imperialstars or Swingstars.