Tama Iron Cobra


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For the past 5 years I’ve used the Tama Iron Cobra with Kevlar strap link.
I’m a young 79 still playing actively. Everything from Swing/Jazz I grew up with to Country and Soft Rock/Blues. I have had a knee replacement and the ankle is Arthritic on my right/kick leg. The Iron Cobra been a life saver for me. With all the infinite adjustments I have been able to compensate for good and bad leg days and between two different kits with different kick pedal mounting styles. I have heard much ado regarding the under foot board recoil spring.. some saying it’s a gimmick. Well that’s not so in my case. I play 90% old school traditional heel down method and that spring takes all the stress out of playing as it allows my calf muscles to be relaxed and on fast numbers that rebound makes a world of difference. It too is fully adjustable so with the other infinite adjustments the Cobra offers it’s virtually impossible not to find what works best for you. Another great feature is the outside mounted pedal lock down.. no more scared knuckles caused by reaching under the pivots to tighten the lock down screw. And... the price can’t be beat. Take it from an old Codger..if you have leg or knee concerns or even if you want to be just plain comfortable, the Iron Cobra is a great choice...and no I don’t work for Tama


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I've been playing Tama pedals since the mid-eighties. From about 72 till that time I played Ludwig speed King. I've had the Camco by Tama, the pro twin, Iron Cobra Jr twin, Iron Cobra single from the 90s which I still use, and my current double is a speed cobra. They've all been excellent pedals


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In 1994, the Sonor pedal that came with the kit didn't feel good, and I eventually tried an IC Strap Pedal. Very smooth and perfect for heels-down playing. I played it for a few years, but when I began playing out I switched to an IC Rolling Glide for more power/volume (and heel-up playing).

I was gonna try out the Tama Dyna-Sync direct drive but at $350, I'll wait on it a bit longer.