Tama Club Jam Mini 2019 vs Tama Club Jam Flyer 2020


Hi everyone. I wanted to ask if anyone has an opinion about which Tama Club Jam set is better. I was considering buying the 2019 Club Jam Mini after many years playing V-drums. However Tama just put out the new Club Jam Flyer. It has a 14" bass and 10" snare only. I am just wondering if it sounds better than the older version which has larger drums. I would appreciate to hear from anyone who had a chance to compare the sets. Thanks you.


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I would not recommend the Club Jam Flyer unless you just want a novelty kit to mess around with for fun. It has a 10" floor tom. Ten. Inch. Floor. Tom. lol. Not to mention the teeny 8" rack tom and tiny 14" bass drum. Too small to be practical.

I suppose buskers could find some use for it though. But for everything else, it's just a toy IMO.

(It's even smaller than it looks in the picture.)

The Club Jam Mini is more practical. That 18" bass drum is a nice size for softer gigs and small stages. It should sound pretty good miked up too.


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Well, whenever I see kits like this ...... first thing that comes to mind is drum 'n' bass. And when I just googled it, literally the second video that pops up is drum 'n' bass.

So .... if you're thinking of buying one, what are you gonna do on it? In your mind. what's it's designated purpose? Go from there.

I recently purchased a Yamaha Manu Katche Jr. kit. 16" bass drum. 10" rack. 13" floor. And what I did with it was design a percussion heavy kit around it. Using all non=traditional cymbals. That sits next to my RMV 18, 12, 14 kit. Which is outfitted more like a traditional bop kit.

The larger Club Jam ..... I think, would be more versatile. But I can certainly see where the Mini fulfills a niche.