Talking with one of my old guitar players..

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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First he needs to go 100% carnivore, which should take care of the 'roids and then start his own original band.

Taking a break by smoking meat and other things may also be healthy.


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All depends on the folk you're in a band with.

I've been in the that situation where I've been ready to quit gigging. Singer showed up too drunk to do a wedding and I had to sing the whole gig. I can completely understand why someone would call it a day because people are a nightmare to deal with and you just want to be left alone. (usually me every October when wedding season finishes!)

I'm lucky I work with close friends. Only reason I've hacked it for as long as I have I think!

No Way Jose

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I like partying with my friends in bars, playing music, and meeting people. I'd still play open mics even if I wasn't gigging.