Taking drum lessons with more than one teacher at the same time.


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I am a music major at college but recently a very respected drummer has opened up a new school for private music instruction and I was just pondering taking some extra classes over there, just a thought, I'm very happy with my drum instruction at college, so this is just wishful thinking. I guess that at this point I am just really hungry for knowledge, but I am aware of the economical and logistical problems of this scenario.

I just wanted to know if anybody had any experience taking lessons with more than one teacher at the same time, how did it work out? did the material overlap? did you work different things with different teachers? was it worth it?


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For 3-4 years I studied with a drum set teacher and a classical percussionist.

Both of them are extremely well known within their respective circles, are high end professionals and their expectations were high for any student. Any slacking and they'd have no problem dropping someone off their roister in a moment's notice.

Since the classical percussionist didn't teach drum set, obviously no overlap there. However there was overlap and sometimes conflict on hand technique. Ultimately I integrated both of their methods into my drum set playing.

My opinion is if you can swing the time element of practice for more than one teacher - go for it!

I certainly have no regrets doing it.
I take lessons from two different teachers.

One of the lessons is based purely on the pad and covers rudiments, pipe and drum/marching patterns etc.

The other is more kit based and covers anything and everything.

I'd say definitely go for it. I had to work out a budget to help cover the increase in petrol costs ( although the first teacher doesn't charge me), I had to cut down on some non essential items. But it's definitely helped me improve as a drummer.

There have been a few times when I've been shown different kinds of techniques which conflict, but on the whole I've been able to overcome these.

I did struggle a bit to find time to work on tasks for both teachers-at one point I was in 3 gigging bands (with an average of 4 rehearsals a week) and taking 2 lessons a week. I often found by the time the week had rolled round I'd not had time to work on various things for one teacher and it showed. So at the moment I see the first teacher once a fortnight, and the other teacher on a weekly basis.

The main piece of advice I'd give you though is to be open with both teachers about what you are doing.

Hopefully that helps you a little, any other information needed please ask.