Syncing spdsx with dj live


I play in a wedding band with a live DJ. He spins the backing tracks and transitions between them for us to provide a more seamless experience

My problem is the backing tracks do not have click. This is fine when the music is playing,, but there are spots of silence in the track...and you get the idea. Transitions are also a problem because the music just starts and as a band we are having trouble hitting beat one together.

He is sending the track to FOH and isn't able to spin a version with click just to send to me, or the other band members. We are all on in ears

I want to use the spdsx for click (as well as other things) and I am wondering if there is a way for me to connect to the dj controller and have the spdsx pull the tempo from his deck.



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Is the DJ using software ? Assume so as you mention DJ Controller.

So - see if the software they are using can send MIDI clock If so use that and set he MIDI clock to external on the SPDsx.

Or you could try a hardware route if the above is not an option like a Red Sound unit. (I have a Soundbite Micro somewhere,)

There are/were some other software options for beat extraction audio->MIDI clock (I was involved in demoing one years ago at a music research thing. Was a bit complicated at the time - all Max/MSP stuff. Was going to be packaged.)
Yeah! I think he is using serato from the looks of it. Ill have to check with him. Im just a bit weary about the accuracy of the clock from his program but with the tempo already set it should work on paper

I'll look into the red sound unit too

Thanks for the reply