swivel nut replacement sizes


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Looking for the longest shaft swivel nut replacement size for vintage Ludwig classic lugs.

Trying to replace the original short shaft.

Although have the longer shaft; the original Ludwig swivel nut has a square base and is wide, designed to catch the internal chassis wall to keep it from spining.

The newer hex based Ludwig swivel nuts are narrow and do not catch the chassis walls of the lug, and spin freely.



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I would contact Drum Factory Direct and ask them if this will work with your lugs:

Although it sounds like the wrong spec - "...Will not work for drum lugs with internal springs..." Thanks for the info on the site, though.

I would assume I am not the only one that has came across this issue... With all the knowledge and experience here, I would imagine that someone has dealt with this issue with Ludwig lugs & swivel nuts?
I would think some business would have a product out to replace stripped out threads for these lugs that are plenty in circulation...