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Been a die hard sonor player since about 89 or so. I just put my last sonor gigging kit to rest and now am gigging yamaha ecliusive. Maple absolute 20, 10, 12, 14 and birch absolute 18, 10, 12, 14, 14. Was able to pick both kits up ( used ) for less than one sonor kit, still have a phonic ( 18, 12, 14) and my kid has a delite ( 20 10, 12, 14) PLUS I only use sonor snares on gigs. Thoughts on Yamaha and their sound? Best heads? Haven't bought new skins and dialed them up yet, the birch have the heavy duty triple flanged and the maples have the die cast.I'll eventlually go back to playing sonor as soon as my kids finish college. They are so nice but to find in the sizes I like very difficult so you have to go custom and that costs $$$$.


I have a Yamaha Rydeen kit, so nowhere near as nice as the MC or BC. I have used Remo heads in the past, but am about to make the switch to Evans.

Currently have coated Emperors on the batter side of my toms and clear Ambassadors on the reso side.

I recently changed my snare batter to a Evans Genera HD Dry and am digging it. That's what's spurred me to want to change from Remo to Evans.

Hope this helps.

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On my MCA's I've used G2, Gplus, G14 (all coated), EC2 SST (both coated & clear) on toms, GMAD on kick ... For the toms I like EC2's best with the Gplus a close second ....
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I've got BCAN drums with Aquarian super 2's on the 10 and 12 toms, and clear ambs. for rezo's. SK1 with stock rezo, 5" port on the 20 and 22. The 14 Fl. tom's got a Amb. X with a Super 2 rezo. (That thing had too much sustain with a single ply rezo). I don't use the 16 much it's still got factory heads. Snare's an 80's steel yamy. with an Evans HD. I tried coated and clear Amb. Evans G1's on the 10 and 12 also a G plus and EC2 on the 10. I like the super 2's the best.