Swiss Matthias' short beatz thread

Swiss Matthias

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Here's another one yet again: Beat #33 – Part 3. A very mellow one this time.

It's funny how it happened: I planned to play some bars of just money beat, with a small amount of cymbals and/or fills.
Later at home I sat down with Ableton Live and my Arturia MiniBrute synth (great instrument!), and the music really took
a life of its own. Because of that I actually had to re-record the drum track in order to make the music fit :).



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Fabulous as usual. I especially like pt4 with two snares & X hats. Very useable in my world :)

Swiss Matthias

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Another really useable groove, or even just a cool fill! Love the cymbal choice for this too :)
Haha, thanks my friend! Yes, the Meinl cymbal mutes came in very handy for this one, and it's happened by accident more or less actually. The magnets were already on the cymbals when I came in, and it just fit!

Swiss Matthias

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I dig this! Do you know how to program it as a loop in audio software? That would be really cool to jam to
Yes I could do that, with Logic or Ableton. You don't? The groove is heavily inspired by this track though:
Maybe you just jam to that :D!