Swiss' drum cover on Tigran's The Poet

Swiss Matthias

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This is my first little drum cover, done in a very simple way (Zoom Q8, also
using the inputs) and a bass drum mic. No eq-ing or anything.

I loved this piece of music since the first time I've heard it. Although it doesn't
belong to the complex and difficult stuff Tigran composes - except maybe for the
last part which actually is polymetric - I very much wanted to play along to it.

I learned that this song is in a way harder to nail than many complex parts though,
because there's so few hits, but they're played quite loose, so very hard to nail.

What do you think?

Thanks for listening! The song is worth it easily :)!

Swiss Matthias

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Thanks, Andy!! Why do you mean the first floor tom? Because my hit is out in the green :) :)?

Yes that's exactly what I did, although my Zoom was setup a lot lower, when I lifted my head up
a bit I actually touched the camera slightly.

I'm very pleased with the bass drum result, I think this works very well. I'm not so sure about the
"overhead" sound, though I thought this time it kind of fits the tune and it functions well blended
with the original drum part.

The snare itself sounds very flat though.