Swish knocker


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I would gladly take it. While they may not fit all purposes, they are so unique that you will eventually find a specific use for them.

Vintage Old School

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For some here that would be a Holy Grail gift! I wish I had purchased a Swish Knocker back in the day when I had a chance. It was on my list, but I had other gear priorities and limited funds at the time.


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It's a great cymbal. A FANTASTIC gift!

They make them again, and they are pretty darn close to what the older ones were.

Years ago, I got one of the the last remaining SK's. It was a Brilliant, and had no rivets!!! It was 100% a SK.
It had the stamp Swish Knocker on it and everything, but no rivets (!!). Not sure what the deal was, but they only had 3 Swish knockers in the entire factory left (because it was discontinued), and that's what they were.

They need to bring back the 20" Swish!!


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The Swish Knocker has 20 rivets, which is 14 too many. The old Swish cymbals had 6 and it was perfect. They need to make them in smaller sizes and with 6 rivets. 20 rivets just kills the resonance and sustain.


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I have two vintage swish cymbals; a 22" (with 8 rivets) and a 20" (with 6 rivets) and they're both fantastic cymbals. I totally agree that the current 20-rivet version is overkill.