Sweetwater ride cymbal shootout


"Uncle Larry"
Thanks Mr. Hickok.

It's nice to have them all on the same page for quick comparisons.

I'd like to see a shootout of the other cymbals that are not in the top 3.

Dream, Heartbeat, Saluda, Soultone, Wuhan, Agop etc.

Right from the start, I was ALWAYS mesmerized by the sound of the cymbal. Then, after seeing Buddy Rich's shiny Zildjians on TV for the first time, and I was completely, hopelessly hooked.


Candy Store.

Moar shootouts.


I liked the 22" 2002, 602 and K Custom Dark the best in context with that song. The 20" A Medium was pretty good too, IMO.

Thanks for posting that!

Black Label

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Very close one for me - My best 4 would the the 20 A medium, the 22 2002, 22 602 ME and the 22 K Custom Dark - they all have a lovely clear sweet ping over a nice wash - If I had to choose one it would have to be the 22 2002 but probably only because I own one :) Great shootout! Thanks