Sweet Ride vs. Sabian AA Med. Ride


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I'm looking for a new ride and have seen a lot of mention (love for) the sweet ride on this forum. I went to a local music store to check one out today and was impressed! Then the sales guy starts showing me a Sabian AA Medium ride. (Now, mind you we were in a cymbal room bangin' on em', not set up on a kit). I really liked the sound of that one too. The guy shows me how crashable both are. I have never really done much crashing on my ride, but I just might start with one of these!
Anyone have experience with both of these cymbals that they could share to help me make a decision?
BTW- I play rock/ blues. Thanks in advance!


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I'd say go back and try them again. Find out what their return policy is. Maybe you can get one of them, try it out with your setup, and if it doesn't work right for you, return it for the other one.


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I second the 'play it again sam' notion. Try playing your kit before you go and keep a mental soundboard of what your drums and cymbals sound like. Then, while you're at the store, play the rides and mix them in your head to hear what it will sound like.

Taking one home for a while and playing it with your actual kit would be the surefire way to go.


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I'm a sabian guy myself but in this circumstance I would say the Sweet Ride. But try them again to see if one stands out for you moer than the other.


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I have had a Sweet ride, a Ping ride and the Dry ride does my ear wonders. Play them and see what you think
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The SR is a great cymbal. I have 2 and really dig them a lot, even though I use Sabian mainly, and a set of Giant Beats.
I use mine as a crash more than as a "ride" though. They have a nice bell and the range of stick and body sounds you can get is very wide. It's a real versatile cymbal IMO/E.
If you want something similar in a Sabian, I'd look into a Med, or Med. Thin CRASH, over a Med Ride.
Med. Thin is actually what the Sweet Ride is anyway.

My Med Thins work super as a cool sounding ride, that also have a really great sounding crash, with a nice bell.
These couple 20" Med Thins I have pull double and triple duty very well, freeing me from having to use more cymbals (and stands, weight in case etc...) if I don't want to bring a lot on a gig.

You never know what any given cymbal will do till you play it, so that Medium could be great.
I have had more than a few Sabian Mediums over the years that have been great as a ride as well as a really nice crash, but on the whole, the Med. Thins have had a better "crash sound" as well as a ride sound I really dug.

I'd just go with how each individual cymbal reacts when you play it. Your ears & gut will tell you which one you like better.
Just be sure to play it like you will be using it. Play some patterns you'd actually be doing with it and see which one does the job better.
That always works better than just swatting a cymbal a few times.

Good luck!


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The AA Medium ride sounds better to me but then again it's a personal thing...you need to play them. Who knows you might not get either of them.


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I have the Sweet Ride and I absolutely love it. But I repeat what the others say; you could bring your other cymbals to the shop, or maybe a crash and your snare, and try them along with the two rides.

Good luck!


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Thanks for all the replies. I actually went back, pulled both cymbals out into the "big room" and out of the small cymbal room and there was really no doubt which one sounded better to me this time...........The SWEET RIDE!!!!

I went ahead and made the purchase and I have 30 days to bring it back if I don't like it. I have a feeling this one will have a permanent home!!!!


Congratulations, my Zildjian Sweet ride is definitely a keeper.