"Sweet Caroline"


"Uncle Larry"
Here in the NE part of the US, IMO, people are a little more uptight compared to other parts of the country. So there's not a whole lot of songs that trigger mass singing.

Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" could top that list. (John Denver's "Country Roads" is another)

The reason I started this thread is to find out if audiences react to this song out in California, in Texas, and other parts of the country, heck across the pond too...the way they react here near Philadelphia..

Tell me if this sounds familiar...on the chorus...

Singer: Sweet Caroline

Audience (mimicing the horn part): BA BA BA

Singer: Good times never seemed so good

Audience: So good! So good! So good!

Singer: I've been inclined

Audience BA! BA! BA!

So is this just a local phenomena?

Or is it worldwide?
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Same all over the world. Not sure when that started, but Neil would encourage it by pointing the mic out to the audience.


"Uncle Larry"
Oh so Neil himself started it. Alrightythen.

OK then riddle me this...who started adding cha cha cha to Happy Birthday?

Is that a thing too where y'all are too? (Mr. IP rubbing off there)


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Except here in northern Europe. I know the song but I never ever heard it played by a live band over here.


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Even high school students in Australia know this and sing along. On a recent school excursion my bus full of 14 year olds were all singing Sweet Caroline (and September and All Star) at the top of their voices. Including the verses too.


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Canada is the same. I'm in Montreal. We occasionally play both those songs and get that reaction every time.


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Oh so Neil himself started it. Alrightythen.
Not sure if he started it, but he certainly did nothing to stop it!

I know most of the long-time bandmembers (even pre-Tutt)… I'll ask when it began.

Yup Larry , it’s all over . I’m from the NE U.S, it’s definitely a thing here ,..... every single time lol ! I’ve also seen it when I’ve been on vacation Or visiting every single time it was played by live musicians in ...........

The Carolinas
New Brunswick Canada
Turks and Caicos
The Bahamas
Dominican Republic
Definitely all over the US and I’m sure a lot of other countries , especially tourist spots and resorts visited by those from the states . Big karaoke thing in Asian countries too ( they cover everything lol .

My daughter went to Italy for a school trip and ......... yup! There too .


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Don't leave out the territory of Arizona!!!!! Neil Diamond in concert is one of the funnest, most energetic you'll ever witness. Top 10 for sure.


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Apparently the "ba ba ba" started at some point after the mid-seventies, and "so good" happened later. :O


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In the UK it's such a big thing, that at every live boxing event they play it and the whole crowd sing along, before the fight of course. It usually completely drowns anyone trying to commentate on the TV.
In Liverpool, in the Matthew Street clubs its played every single weekend, it's inescapable if you're in that area. One bar I know, the girls behind the bar sing along, but instead of "So good, so good" sing something along the lines of "She's making it up, the bitch". I have never understood why.


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Yup.. it's a major staple.. a few drinks and everyone is singing bababa.. in one band we cutt out completely for one section of the bababas.. so all you can hear is the audience acapella.
My favorite though is one of our sound guys who hates the song (after hearing it a billion times).. and stands in front - facing the the band with a sign that says "LAME"