Swapping parts between Yamaha FP9500c & Yamaha FP8500c pedals - how?


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Complications like this are why I abandoned replacing the cam on my DW 5000 with a strap cam.


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Ah, heat is out of the question due to the rubber in that area. You know what, after all my efforts and all you guys kind help and advice I'm throwing in the towel on this. I'll just sell the FP9500c in its original form and use the FP8500c as is, I doubt I'll need to adjust the pedal board height anyway to be honest and it's height is about the same, by default, as what I had the 9500 set to anyway.

Thanks again, so much guys.


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Amazing how simple sometimes works better than pimp. I have an 8210 I love. The only time I ran into a problem with it is when I installed the Aquarian SuperPad which raises the distance to the pedal by 2 inches. Got the 9310 to solve that, but with just the head alone, the non-adjustable beater is just fine.